SPAC.observer cuts through the complexity of these corporate structures and transactions to help make them more tradeable. We dig into the SEC filings and merger agreements to explain the critical nuances of each deal.

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“Because we have less and less public companies, what they’re going to do is find something and take it public, and I’ll be getting in hopefully on the ground floor.” Kevin O’Leary, 2020.

We at SPAC.observer agree with Kevin O’Leary. Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPACs) are a lower risk, transparently available way for investors to participate in public offerings. Unlike the IPO market of the 1990s where investors have extremely limited access to IPOs, SPACs enable investors to a) evaluate management, b) have more protections on their risk capital, c) get more insight into the financials of the company going public, and d) gain access to more sophisticated instruments like units, rights, or warrants that can increase the alpha for an investor in these special situations.

But lets be clear. SPACs still have risks. They are also complicated transactions. Individual investors should rely upon professional investment advisors and consider their own economic and tax situation before investing in SPACs. That said, SPAC.observer is here to help educate investors on the SPAC transactions underway. We help investors understand the vital differences among various SPACs in the market. Not all SPACs are the same and not all of their securities are organized the same way. SPAC.observer researches these differences for you and makes it easier to trade SPACs. We do this through the SPAC.observer’s SPAC Big Board and SPAC Calendar of Events. The SPAC Calendar of Events is free. The SPAC Big Board is premium data available via subscription only.

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